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Amritpal Ghatora


"Consistency is king. It always has been and always will."


Running was a hobby when I started, it has firmly become the most important aspect of my life.

As a runner, I'm always looking to improve. It is the backbone of my running journey, harnessed with the belief and motivation that you really have no limits and you can be the best version of yourself. Running, truly brings that out!

I cover anything from a 5k up to the marathon distances. I started off in the marathon at 4hr 42mins down to  2hr 51mins currently, in there I have been able to achieve a lot of my running dreams. I have run 24 marathons to date and achieved the Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star.

This is where you come in...

If you're looking for that Boston Qualifier time, a breakthrough performance, fighting back from injury or looking for that belief of being the best runner you can be? Drop me a message on the form down below to get in contact on how I can push you to that next level.

It's as simple as that, lets work together.



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